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Kelowood. Dry pine

What is it?

For many in Karelia the dry pine alongside with the Karelian birch is a familiar material which is largely unknown in other regions and countries. So what is the dry pine (kelo)?
Because of the cold Arctic air and the resulting slow growth the Karelian pine has a dense structure with closely spaced growth rings. As it slows down in growth, the pine dries upright naturally (standing). Drying up naturally, the tree loses its bark and needles to gradually acquire a unique colour due to UV exposure. The pine can stand for decades drying eventually into deadwood.


The dry pine is of silver-grey (patina) colour. Absence of sap ascent and living processes inside the tree makes it nearly as durable as the oak. Kelo has high density. On the cut the dry pine is reddish orange and has everlasting aroma.


Due to special climatic conditions the dry pine range covers the Republic of Karelia (RF), Finland, Norway and Sweden, but commercial logging is only done in Russia.


Kelowood is harvested across vast and hard-to-reach areas where one hectare only yields about 8 to 12 m³ of pinewood. The harvesting process is nearly a log-by-log search. No large machinery is employed in dry pine harvesting that is mainly done in winter and summer using snowmobiles or utility terrain vehicles. It is important that loading should be carried out with a special clamp preventing wood from being damaged. Difficulties in searching and transportation affect the ultimate cost of a log house of dry pine. We use the dry pine harvested in Russia, mainly in Kostomuksha, Kandalaksha, Kalevala and Belomorsk areas.


Normally, the most common house is 4-7 m long and 20-30 cm in diameter. The greater the diameter or length, the harder the search and harvesting. Practical example: On one of the projects implemented by our company use was made of logs more than 60 cm in diameter and more than 12 m long. Depending on preferences or the project, the diameter of logs for a dry pine log house may vary between 200 and 600 mm. There are no two similar trees, each log having its own pattern and texture. A wart (knag) on the dry pine is yet another decoration and individuality, an autograph of the Nature herself.


Houses and bathhouse (building/cutting)

Dry pine harvestings is a lengthy and laborious process. Yet the following phase (log house building) is probably more critical. Wall cutting is done by hand. What is important here is the accuracy of fitting log rows to one another and the shape of the corner joint notch. In the assembly process our company gives special attention to sealing materials in the corners and row joints.

Interior applications and making decorations

Kelowood is very suitable to make interior details and decorative elements for ceilings and walls. After cutting the golden inside surface of the dry pine acquires a noble fine colour.


Depending on the diameter, the cost (EXW) of 1 m3 of dry pine is 300 Euro and higher.

Be careful

Sometimes dishonest loggers pass off trees artificially aged with chemical compounds or freshly cut trees, which were dried, as the dry pine. Such trees cannot be called Kelo. We value our reputation. We only use the real dry pine.

Log house building

Depending on the house dimensions, the delivery period varies from 2 months to 1 year.

Guarantees, Delivery, Exports

  • We only work with trusted loggers;
  • Our company imports and exports sawn timber;
  • We will provide production, shipment and monitoring;
  • Invariably high quality of the dry pine;
  • Delivery within the time specified;
  • Extensive experience in designing and building timber houses.
We can export the dry pine to the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain and others.
Contact with us: mail@peura.ru

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